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Home Loans: NINJAFIED!

When it comes to choosing the right loan program, it’s never too early to start planning. We have all heard stories about a friend or co-worker living out of their U-Haul because of a glitch at the last minute. There is nothing worse in the lending process than being taken by surprise. That’s why strategy, planning and execution matter.


When I sit down with you I will go over the details of your unique situation so that you can move forward confidently. I believe it is essential to explore questions such as how much of your income is from overtime or do you have a side business that is on your taxes? Little things can have a big impact and that’s why you are hiring me. I love all the nuances of lending. By knowing the rules backwards and forwards I can help you get solid financing.

That’s why you won’t find a mortgage calculator on my website. They can be so misleading! I think it is very challenging for a consumer to know what is important and where to focus their energy.

You don’t need to be loaded to buy a home either. It doesn’t matter to me if you are financing 100k or 1 million – I will give it my all, I’m passionate about that. I focus on residential loans such as FHA & VA loans, which are fantastic for first-time buyers along with conventional and jumbo loans. I even work with 100% rural housing through the USDA. There are still many great options out there and ways to buy with a low-down payment and affordable monthly payments.


FASTTRAC PROGRAM ~ Once I have your loan application and income documentation I can submit your loan file to my dedicated underwriter and have a full-blown credit & income underwrite within 24 hours even if you don’t have a property under contract yet!

I’m fortunate to do a job I love. I look forward to helping you put together a plan to get a home loan. I am authorized to conduct business in the entire State of Oregon. To get the ball rolling, simply visit my website at click the APPLY button up top and complete the secure online application or call and let’s set up a face to face.

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